South-South Global Assets and Technology Exchange

Project: The technology of multifunctional highway cleaning vehicle is patented in China.

Project No.: CN0010100TP081129004

Country: China

Project Description

25-30% technology stock will be held in the total assets of the new joint venture.

The total investment is about one hundred million:

1. First phase investment 15 million RMB, output 300 buses, production value 150 million RMB, gross profit 12 million RMB;

2. Second phase investment 30 million RMB, out put 600 buses, production value 300 million RMB, gross profit 25 million RMB;

3. Third phase investment 55 million RMB, output 1200 buses, production value 600-800 million BMB, gross profit 60-80 million BMB.

The partners in Southeast countries are preferred to.

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