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Project: Small, High-tech, Finnish Enterprise Seeking Investment and Commercial Application Development Partners

Project No.: CN0010100TP081201003

Country: Nepal

Project Description

A Finnish high-tech small Enterprises is famous for his soft-cell (paper battery) technology. This company produces thin flexible paper batteries which can be used as cosmetics, smart cards, RFID (radio frequency identification) tags, music greeting cards, the human epidermis osmosis membrane and paper LED power. The products also can be used in electronic paper, and bistable non-volatility display and in SMALL sensor power supplies. This new technology is based on traditional paper printing and the lamination technology. Compared with ordinary button batteries, this paper battery has the following advantages:

– very low cost, environmental protection material

– can be disposed of with normal household waste

– flexible size and shape

– easy integration into other appliances

– can be easily distributed in volume

This technology, which obtained “Technology Pioneer Award” at the 2007 World Economics Forum, is now seeking investment and commercial application development partners in China.

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