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Project: Glass Base Nanometer Base Hydroxyl Apatite Biology Cement and the Preparation Method

Project No.: CN0010100TP081202002

Country: China

Project Description


The human organs often lose function because of inflammation, injuring, aging, etc. In order to substitute or repair these organs, some artificial bones made of alloy, high polymer material and biological ceramics are arising. The goal of this invention is to provide a kind of bone adhesion, which has high biological activity and high mechanical strength. It can release the calcium ion and inhibit cancer cells. This bone adhesion is also called biological cement. It is a kind of heterogeneity compound, which is made of phosphate glass and nanometer hydroxyl apatite crystal.

Function Characteristic

The nanometer hydroxyl calcium phosphate in heterogeneity compound has quite big surface, it can separate calcium ion and inhibit cancer cells.
The intergranular nanometer hydroxyl apatite can also make up the holes in granular and enhance the biological cement intensity.
The highest pressure resistance intensity may reach 95Mpa and the highest anti-booklet intensity may reach 36Mpa in 7days.

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