South-South Global Assets and Technology Exchange

About Us

Set up in 2008 by the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, SS-GATE promotes the identification, sharing and transfer of innovations and technologies between developing countries.

What do we offer?

We have designed an innovative matchmaking system through which developing countries can seek and obtain technologies and investments from private sector companies in other Southern countries in a number of key development sectors including health care, energy services, agricultural production, housing and infrastructure.

How does it work?

There are two basic components to the matchmaking system:

  • A website where Southern governments, institutions and companies can list specific needs for goods, services, information and resources – and where private sector companies in other Southern countries can offer services, products and/or financing to meet those needs;
  • Local facilitation and transactional support provided by SS-GATE country centers, regional hubs and the SS-GATE secretariat in Shanghai, China.

Why do we focus on South-South connections?

Our system is effective because it promotes products, services and solutions that have been developed, applied and shown to be successful in countries dealing with similar development needs. In the 2009 Nairobi Outcome Document (RES 64/222), the UN General Assembly endorsed SS-GATE and encouraged all its members to use it.

Why do we promote market-based transactions?

South-South trade and investments have been growing extensively and there are unprecedented openings for facilitating sustainable development innovations through technology transactions, including between least developed countries and emerging economies. SS-GATE’s platform can help boost that trade potential by enhancing the capacity of the public and private sectors in the South to use technology productively.

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Ss -gate At AGlance


An Innovative Business Model

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SS-GATE enables Southern countries to have access to appropriate, adaptable and affordable research, policies, practices, technology and financial resources from other Southern countries.



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While most donor-supported initiatives focus on information provision, SS-GATE facilitates actual transactions though a market mechanism, offering both online and off-line end-to-end supporting services. This allows for transparent exchanges of technology, assets, services and financial resources.



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Transactions and services are supported both online via the SS-GATE website and in physical spaces via Country Centers located in numerous countries around the world, as well as regional hubs.

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SS-GATE welcomes private sector engagement in solving the world’s most challenging health and development issues and allows fair competition in a market-driven environment.

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SS-GATE endorses a multi-stakeholder approach to South-South and

Triangular cooperation, engaging public and private sectors, academia and civil society and supporting public-private partnerships to enhance communication, coordination and collaboration to collectively achieve common goals for improving global health and sustainable development.

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SS-GATE is designed to be self-sustaining, with a modest fee structure levied on successful transactions.

Ban Ki-Moon

“South-South cooperation has the potential to balance growth and equity on a global scale. The countries of the South are building new models of development cooperation that emphasize mutual benefit and solidarity as well as cost-effectiveness… creating enormous opportunities for sharing of experience, knowledge and good practices that can boost development.”

-UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

Achievements through 2014 include:

  • Established  country centers in countries across the Global South to support solution analysis, matchmaking and transfer facilitation.
  • Established regional hubs in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Listed projects, matched projects and transacted South-South and triangular transfers of technologies, financing and other solutions in the areas of health, agriculture and the environment.
  • Developed a standardized Global Carbon-Neutral mechanism that provides guidelines for offsetting carbon emissions in support of developing countries, in cooperation with supporters from China, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. (The President of the UN General Assembly gave SS-GATE an award for its efforts in carbon offsetting at the Rio+20 Sustainable Development Conference in 2012.)